For the second consecutive week Surrey hosted 3 sides at home, the makeup games found Surrey matched up with the 3rds v Vancouver Rowing Club, 1sts v Cowichan (they played second due to travel considerations), and 2nds v Brit Lions RFC.

It was kind of like the old, old days, except each club would have had 3 teams. This would be such a day that the spectators used their rain gear mostly for wind protection on this blustery Saturday.

SBAA 3rd Division Men vs Vancouver Rowing Club - Loss 31-0

Another 3rds game and another makeshift line up from all divisions. Paul Kelly would start in the centers, good on him, it made a nice warm up for the following 1st Division game. The game itself was very evenly matched for the most part, despite the unsavory final score. Surrey's Darien "It was within 5 seconds" Archer found himself on the outs when he was yellow carded for a late hit after being warned just previously. Unfortunately, the Beavers couldn’t hold the Rowers back when they broke through rucking and driving to score the game’s first try and the opening points of the game against 14 players. The successful convert gave the Vancouverites the 7-0 lead. A few minutes later Surrey would attempt a penalty kick to try and claw back the deficit. The makeable kick was on line, but short. Eventually the Rowers would show a crack and take a yellow card of their own for a high tackle, but Surrey was unable to score a reciprocal try. The half ended at the same 7-0 mark, with the Thirsty Thirds very much in this game. The second half would prove to be another story. In the first 10 minutes the Beavers were worn down by a group of Rowers who determinedly ruck and rolled down the park for a try, which was followed with a conversion, 14-0 for the Rowers, but Surrey was not being outclassed. The second Rower try of the half came approximately another 10 minutes later when a hard pass deflected off Darien Archer and was collected by a Rower back who ran back the unforced error. The good kick put the Beavs down 21-0. The Rowers were finding their form and stride when they put down, yet another try through ball possession, territorial penetration, and finally an overlap. They were not so lucky with this convert, which made the mark 26-0 for the Rowers. With appropriately 5 minutes left in the game Surrey turned over the ball, while going forward near the Rower 22, and they ran it back through an obviously tired bunch of Beavers. The missed kick took the score to 31-0 for the Rowers at the final whistle. The Beavers held up very well and the score was not indicative of the game play, which was very even. The game was noted as having been played between the 22s in the north/south direction and between the 5s on the east/west axis.

SBAA 1st Division Men vs Cowichan RFC - Win 50-7

The score line in this game does tell the story of the match. The trip on the ferry to a rugby game really takes its toll for some reason, perhaps it's the early leaving time that is demanded, or the resulting disruption of routine that is the issue. It was Cowichan who would be affected, and the result showed. In the 3rd minute Clay "The Beast" Ross would score the game’s opening points, with a try in the corner after a strong run. Jamie Beaton converted, 7-0 Surrey. The Beavers would just keep coming and it wasn't long before Captain Paul "Skipper" Kelly took advantage of wide ball, that turned into a Surrey maul off a line out, and a ramble that he capped off for a try. The good convert put Surrey up 14-0 now. The Beaver dominance continued when they spun the ball to the backs and Nick "Sharpie" Sharp pulled back a keeper, cut back inside and beat 2 guys to plant the ball in goal. The Beaton kick was good, 21-0 Beavers, and beginning to feel it. Jamie Beaton found himself cleaning up a Piggy ruck, scooping the turnover ball and taking it to the house. He would convert his own try, 28-0 Surrey. This Cowichan nightmare was far from over as Nick Sharp again found himself wide with the ball and numbers, he would put down his second try of the game, which was unconverted for the first time of the day. 33-0 Surrey. The hole was getting deeper, but Cowichan would show they didn't just come over for the ferry food. The, very game, visitors would have a reply to the Beaver onslaught. The Piggies ripped possession from a Surrey forward at their own 22, grubbed it ahead, and grounded it for a major of their own, which was successfully converted, when the kick went off the upright and through. It was 33-7 at the half. The chatter in the Beaver camp was to lock down this game and continue doing what was making them successful, using the remainder of the match to polish the game plan. The second half was more sedate, and Surrey was able to substitute liberally. The game now had more balance with both sides playing hard, but soon the Beaver class would continue to shine through when Iain "I'm not" Small, from his spot in the centers. The backs drove into the Piggies end and Iain broke the line and scored another Surrey try, with the failed convert The Beavs were up 38-7, despite this the action seemed much more even between the sides. Surrey couldn't stop now if they wanted, as demonstrated when Riley Nagy found himself with ball in hand in an outside position and he kicked it up in the air along the touch line, he and Marcus Tam aggressively chased the ball and Tam collected and dished back to Nagy to score the second Beaver try of the half. The good kick found the score at a lofty 45-7 in Surrey's favor. As time ran down Paul Kelly made an 8 man pick from a scrum in Piggies turf and scored the last try of the match. The convert missed, and the full-time whistle followed. The final tally was 50-7 for the Beavers, in what was hoped would be a good tune up for the upcoming playoffs.

Tries: Clay Ross(1) Paul Kelly(2) Nick Sharp(2) Jamie Beaton(1) Iain Small(1) Riley Nagy(1)
Converts: Jamie Beaton(6)

SBAA 2nd Division Men vs Brit Lions RFC - Win 22-10

The 2nds are also looking to correct some bad habits in recent weeks by facing the Brit Lions and prepare for their own post season. Surrey came out determined and drove to the Lion line when they gave away the ball on a penalty, very disappointing given the location. This mistake would prove costly not too much later, when the Lions broke off a huge run and scored the opening points. The Beavers were a bit in shock as they walked back to their goal line. The failed convert put the Lions up 5-0, even though possession favored Surrey. The 'black tide' rolled as the backs moved the ball wide to Aaron "Big Ron" Martin, who got good service from Rob Sisson and Marcus Tam, he wasn't to be stopped for the first Beaver points. The convert by Brandon "The Cat" Gatto had Surrey take the lead 7-5. The last try of the half came when the Beavs backs took off again, and after a set up and pass from Sisson, Marcus Tam earned a try of his own. The convert was not happening on this occasion, the Beavers solidified their lead at 12-5. Halftime saw the Lions down by a converted try and very much in the game. Play resumed with Surrey taking the front foot, they were having more success using the backs. This was featured when Tyler "McConnaughy" Johnson broke through with a huge run using his speed and agility to burst away from would be tacklers. The Gatto kick moved the mark to 19-5, allowing some breathing room, but that secure feeling didn't last for long. The Lions used their forwards to put pressure on Surrey and power to their strength. They would pound away for a few minutes before scoring a try. Their kick missed, but the mark was a 9-point lead for the Beavers at 19-10. The Lions would need a a converted try and a penalty kick, at the least, to take the lead and the next several minutes would tell if that may happen. Surrey held the bulk of the possession and when the Lions committed a penalty within the range of Brandon Gatto they paid for it, as the kick was slotted. 22-10 for the Beavers meant that the Brit Lions would need 2 converted tries to take over. Fortunately for Surrey, they were able to run out the clock to the final whistle. A well-played game all around.

Tries: Aaron Martin(1) Marcus Tam(1) Tyler Johnson(1)
Converts: Brandon Gatto(2)
Penalty Kicks: Brandon Gatto(1)

This day was fantastic! Although the 3rds lost, there were 1st Division players filling in, in 3rds and 2nds. There were 3rds and 2nds who got 1st Division minutes. Our stressed roster, due to injury and work, was bolstered by unselfish players, playing wherever, for however many minutes required showed the brotherhood necessary to be a successful and thriving club. I am PROUD to be a Beaver every day, especially this day!

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