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The Surrey Beavers AA will be hosting their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 14. The meeting will take place at the Beaverlodge starting around 9:15 PM.

All SBAA club members (players and alumni) are encouraged to be present at this meeting.

The meeting will include: the annual fiscal report review from April 2015 - Present, a summary of what the club and Executive have been doing since April 2015 - Present, and finally club members will be voted into the new Executive that will take over club responsibilities until April 2017.

Anyone who is a club member has the right to be at this meeting, cast a vote, be nominated for a position, and express any comments or criticism they may have.

Positions up for nomination:


Vice President



Fields & Fixtures

Sponsorship/Fundraising – At Large Position

Social Director – At Large Position 

Home Field Map

Sullivan Heights Park
144th Street & 64th Avenue
beside the Sullivan Heights Secondary

Practice Field

Cloverdale Athletic Park
64th Avenue & 168th Street
Surrey BC Canada

Clubhouse Location

The Beaverlodge
17395 57th Avenue,
Surrey BC Canada