A dreary and wet week turned into a rather unproductive Saturday for the Surrey rugby club. Although the club was optimistic they could get all three of their scheduled games off on Saturday it turned out only the Division 2 men and women would take the field.

The 1st Div men had a bye week and Richmond RFC requested the 3rd Div game be postponed due to their club heading up to Kelowna for a U23 match. Hosting duties were also cancelled for the club as the City of Surrey deemed the incoming onslaught of rain would wreak havoc on the city’s grass fields. Funny story was that the city believed it was too wet to play rugby on Saturday but still deemed it excellent weather conditions on Friday to cut the field’s grass this late in October; interesting logic to say the least. Fortunately Burnaby stepped up and said they’d be happy to host the Beavers for an 11:30 AM kick off at Burnaby Lake for the Div 2 men’s game and the Scribes happy to do the same in East Vancouver for the women.  A wet and blustery day had the majority of the Beaver faithful stay at home and warm as the club’s teams headed out of Surrey to play some 'wet' coast rugby!

SBAA 2nd Division Women – Loss 39-0

Details are scarce on this game but if interested in a good read the Scribes RFC have a write up on their website. Good to see the Scribes are living up to their club reputation and writing match reports! The Beavers headed to East Van on a very wet, and windy day short on a few ladies and though the game got off the Beavers had little support off the bench. Injuries appeared to have added up too and the ladies had a tough go against a strong Div 2 side away from home. The women get a rest week and wait to take on Westshore on November 4th at Sullivan Heights. Hopefully the women will have a bounce back game following this tough loss.

SBAA 2nd Division Men – Tie 14-14

With the recent downpour in the Lower Mainland, Surrey’s field was closed and the Div 2 game was moved to Burnaby’s field. With the field change also a time change, but the Beavers didn’t mind because they were just happy to get the game off. The Beavers, having never faced a Division 2 Burnaby side before or at least in the club’s most recent history, the boys were unsure exactly what to expect come game time. What they did know is Burnaby has a ton of depth within their ranks and should expect a solid Div 2 side. With the wet field conditions being the big equalizer on the day, it was best to stick to a forward dominant game with heavy centre crashes, limiting the runs out wide that the 2nd Div backs were more often doing. Much of the game was spent back and forth across the field with well executed kick counters from the Beavers’ back 3. Surrey seemed to be doing well keeping the pressure on the Burnaby side early on, but the visitors continuously lost momentum from to many handling errors. It’s amazing how quickly a high quality game ball can be comparable to a wet bar of soap in very wet conditions like on Saturday. The first score came around 20 minutes when a successful attacking lineout led to a wide ball touched down by winger Jareed Samuel. Most of the points in the game however came from the Beavs' fly half Brandon Gatto, who continues to improve with his kicks for points and was 3/3 on penalty kicks. Momentum seemed to shift back and forth as the Beaver forwards were dominating in the loose. However, Burnaby Lake would constantly shift the momentum in their favor with well executed counter attacks and were successful with a late try to put them ahead. After a full wet 80 minutes, the score came out to an even 14-14 draw. Overall this game had two solid teams go at it, but the weather put a damper on what could have been a very high quality game. Both teams had a solid pack and flyers out wide, but the ball struggled to be used effectively all the way across the field. Hopefully the weather that was had on Saturday will not be an every weekend event moving forward so the boys can enjoy a much more expansive style of rugby. Many thanks to Burnaby for hosting the match at their field and for the post-game social after the game.  

Tries: Jareed Samuel (1)

Penalty Kicks: Brandon Gatto (3)

Following the matches everyone did their best to make it back to Cloverdale later that night to celebrate Roktoberfest at the Shannon Hall. Another awesome club function put on by the Beavers had two rocking bands battle it out for legendary status with the club. Word is the true winner of the night was the audience and the battle of the bands ended in a draw as both bands put on a fantastic show.

Surrey Division 1 and 2 men this Saturday head down south for a classic city derby match against Bayside RFC. The 2nd Division men head up the Sea to Sky and visit the Axemen in Squamish. This Saturday looks to be another great day for rugby!


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