The weather got the best of the Division 1 men this last Saturday as the boys were unfortunate enough not to find a field they could use to play United RC at. On Friday night everything was looking perfect for the scheduled matches on Saturday, however Coquitlam got wacked with snow while the rest of the Lower Mainland got hammered with rain in the AM.

With Hume Park closed, and John Oliver now not an option the Beavers looked to use their own pitch but it appeared the beaver dam had busted and submerged the field in standing water. By 11:00 AM the game was called off, possibly a little premature but a Beaver representative did confirm at 3:00 PM that yes Sullivan Heights was still submerged. The 3rd Div boy’s game fortunately wasn’t called off and at least one of the Beaver sides would get some rugby action on Saturday. The young Thirsty Thirds headed to a soggy Klahanie Park for a very tough matchup.

SBAA 3rd Division Men – Loss 51-0

The Thirsty Thirds had a tough loss against a very gritty and experienced Capilano 3Bs squad. From the beginning, Surrey knew it was going to need to rely on its fitness if the club was going to make any progress due to a fairly clear size advantage in the pack. From the initial onslaught it was clear it was going to be a heavily one-sided match. Defense was the name of the game for the Beavs on Saturday, and the few opportunities the Beaver backs got on offense did look promising, but unfortunately nothing came from it. The Caps proved to be too much for Surrey’s younger side as possession was at a minimum and the Thirsty Thirds grew tired of tackling. With every put-in to the scrum, the Caps dominated stealing countless ball before using numbers out wide to put scores down. Full kudos to the Caps, they had several players on their roster who were Premier stand-outs in their heyday. I think every club should aspires to do what the Caps have successful created, as their 3rd Div team is a true mostly over 30s side that encourages the club’s top players from the past to keep competing at the lower Divisions when their club gains younger, more talented, and fitter players. It is certainly the goal for Beavers to have a in the coming decade as a swath of their 1st Div players are currently in their mid to late 20s.

After a tough 1st half, the Surrey boys were fired up to get some points back. The 2nd half looked better for the Beavers as some subs came in. Finally getting some much needed ball, it was a much closer game with both teams streaking up and down the field. The Beavers were looking hopeful with more scrums won, but the Caps side still proved to be too strong with heavy runs from the forwards and finally a push over try. Despite being down by a hefty amount, the Beavers still gave it their all until the last whistle. These games are less about the score line and a good lesson to the young lads on what they can aspire to be after playing some hard years of tough men’s rugby. Thanks for the schooling Caps, hopefully one day soon the Beavs will return the favor!

It should be noted that the Thirsty Thirds did hold their own in the boot race following the rugby match and came out victorious… so in fact the 3rds did finish the day with a 1-1 record. Well done lads.

The men gear up for the road once again this Saturday with all 3 men’s teams on the schedule… pending the freezing weather conditions the Beavs should have some excellent matchups on Saturday. The Div 1 & 2 men are off to Exhibition Park to face an always strong Abbotsford RFC. While the 3rds take on the always strong Kats in Kits. 


Home Field Map

Sullivan Heights Park
144th Street & 64th Avenue
beside the Sullivan Heights Secondary

Practice Field

Cloverdale Athletic Park
64th Avenue & 168th Street
Surrey BC Canada

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The Beaverlodge
17395 57th Avenue,
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