The Beavers had all 3 rosters active on Saturday, and what a sublime day it was to play some rugby. With perfect conditions the Beavers’ Div 1 & Div 2 men headed to Crush Crescent in Langley to wrap up their regular season series against Langley RC. The Div 3 boys hosted the very formidable Caps 3B side that featured tons of Capilano talent from past seasons. The regular season is on its final 3-4 weeks and it’s looking good for the club as 2/3 men's sides for the Beavs will qualify for playoffs.

SBAA 3rd Division Men – Loss 51-0

The Div 3 lads were handed another tough task on Saturday and the score got out of reach for the boys. Again, the young Div 3 Beavs sprinkled with some veteran talent were not able to compete at the level the Capilano 3Bs played at. Division 3 on the mainland this year has been loaded with top end talent in plenty of mainland teams, and the Caps’ 3rd Div team definitely have some formidable players. Playing week in and week out against solid clubs like, Squamish, Capilano, Meraloma, Chilliwack, and Ridge Meadows may have had other club teams step back, but the Beavs have stayed strong. The club has been successful on fielding a team for 3rds every weekend they have been required to, and that is a huge success in the bigger scheme of having a healthy club. The Beavers took another loss on Saturday, but again proved that they are a club on the rise with solid numbers ready to play and represent. The young players are picking up tons of experience this year playing some solid Div 3 teams and many of the players will be looking at moving up in the ranks when the top-end Beaver talent decide to take a more social angle towards rugby on Saturdays in the future.

SBAA 2nd Division Men – Win 47-12

The Division 2 boys were up against a formidable task of trying to claim the 3 game regular season series against Langley RC. Claiming the first 2 matchups in the fall series at Sullivan Heights Park, Langley RC is always a very challenging team to play at Crush Crescent. Langley’s rugby field is full of character and knowing the dips and slopes of the pitch is very important. Both teams flew out of the starting gate with big hits on defense and some very good play on offense. The Beavers fielded a solid line up at Division 2 full of regulars and returnees on the season. Solid play from the pack set led to a great platform for attack. The forwards pounded the ball up the field pushing over for the majority of the scores. Big boys Joey Murphy, Andrew McIntyre, and John Eadie worked the ball very nicely in tight and went on some great runs.

Langley has had a very nice resurgence in Div 2 and their team will definitely be in contention come play-off time. The Beavs held onto a slight 12-5 lead at halftime, but the 2nd half had the Beavs take it into over drive and claim 5 tries. Tons of players stood out for the Beavs and will need to keep stepping up as the boys are hungry for home field advantage with the playoffs starting up soon. The boys have some even tougher matchups coming up against top tier talent, and the club needs to keep working hard on and off the field. Good work from all the boys on Saturday, and it’s good to see most players came out of the match mostly healthy.

Tries: Dylan Vermette (1) Joey Murphy (2) Andrew McIntyre (2) John Eadie (1) Cam McMurchy (1)
Converts: Brandon Gatto

SBAA 1st Division Men – Win 52-7

The Division 1 boys tried to get some consistency back in their play after only having played 2 games so far this spring half. The players were focused on getting some good execution done on Saturday, and that's exactly what they did. The amount of bye weeks and postponed games due to inclement weather had left the boys very game hungry. Just like the Div 2 side, the 1st Div team wanted to claim the regular season series against Langley. From the get go it was a physical game with the Beavers matching the hard running Langley players. After taking a 14-0 lead in the first 12 minutes, it was some good defensive work from the Beavers that kept the boys moving forward in the game. For about 8 minutes the boys fought off Langley defending well in their own 22. Not allowing them to cross over the try-line was vital and the momentum from then on out was leaning towards the Beavs, as they were punishing on offense. The pack worked good ball in tight and this allowed Tyler Oullette’s backline space to do what the Beaver backline does best, score tries. Scrums were dominated by the Beaver pack and the tight five were a formidable group to scrum against on Saturday. The Beavers front row is back in top form with David Jeffreys, Nick Bruce, and Chris Atkinson getting consistent time together. The 2nd row complimented by a solid back row is getting the dirty work done around the field, giving the backs plenty of space and time to move forward with the ball. Taking a 28-0 lead going into halftime the Beavers wouldn’t look back. Some outstanding play by the boys in the 2nd half gave them even more of a comfortable lead and allowed for the bench to roll in. Final score was 52-7 for the boys and it was a good, hard, physical game of rugby. Full credit should be given to Langley RC for playing hard nose rugby all the way up to the final whistle. Kudos to the big winger Aaron Martin who finished with a hatty on the day claiming 3 tries of his own. Exceptional kicks from Beaton added 12 points to the final tally. It was an excellent game to watch from the sideline with some outstanding highlight reel plays.

Tries: Jamie Beaton (2) Aaron Martin (3) Clay Ross (1) James Bailey (1) Chris Atkinson (1)
Converts: Jamie Beaton (6)

The club has defined the remainder of its games they have left in the regular season as “challenging”, and the players look to continually improve their play until the season hits its most critical time of the year, the playoffs. Although the Div 1 team will be looking for 2 more victories on the season they only need a single bonus point to clinch the #1 seed for playoffs. The Div 2 men still have plenty of work ahead of them with 3 tough games left on the schedule, and the boys will need to consistently put wins up to get a good seeding for the playoffs. Finally, the Div 3 players will be looking to keep improving their skills and show their worth so that the coaches know who will be ready for backing up the Div 1 and Div 2 sides when playoffs commence on April 21.


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