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It maybe early, late mid summer, but some of the Beavers are already priming for the near upcoming rugby season, others - not so much. Sillybuggers (touch rugby) have been running for a few weeks with intermittent attendance levels, as is expected when people are trying to cram as much into what is left of summer as they possibly can. 

With Labor Day a few weeks away, Fall is within spitting distance. So, soon enough (September 7) the fur will be flying again as real rugby games will be commencing with the start of the 2019-2020 season which begins in Abbotsford. Most importantly it is the time to reconvene for preseason training, which will kick off on Tuesday August 13 at 7pm, at Sullivan Park. This year is proving a challenge ahead. The Executive and Coaches put out a call for players, so that they could get an estimate of expected numbers. That call was poorly answered which forced a difficult decision to begin the year with a commitment to Firsts & Seconds. Which need not concern Thirds players, as most third division games were of second division quality due to many one team clubs in third div, being easily second div quality.

The club is looking to continue to build in its 47th season, which will certainly be one of transition as some players retire or move on, leaving opportunity for existing players to step up and the potential for young and new players to start their Surrey Beavers careers.

In times gone by the official start to the season was a BBQ at Roger Pells' house in Mission, on Airshow weekend, that was always greatly attended and became an absolute must on the Beaver calendar. Because the event was in Mission many people camped out on the Pells Estate. There was one hell of a party with live music, that included the entire Steelhead community and tons of friends who didn't miss THE event. This party was the indicator that shit was about to get real on the training front. I believe we need such an event to recall the Beaver clan on a yearly basis. After talking to several people there was some grass roots level support for an event at the clubhouse, which is central for people and not way away in Mission. It was further thought that the season kick off BBQ should be different from every other party at the clubhouse. How do we do that? The idea was floated, what if it was a camping party in the parking lot. Just make a campground. We could have a campfire and a band and the next morning a pancake breakfast for the campers who stay over. Attempts were made to start this - soon to be tradition, but there wasn't enough time to get the word out sufficiently and people had long standing commitments to company functions, festivals, and family. The plan for the BBQ was an open house format that would be family oriented from noon to 7pm-ish, and after dinner the more grown up festivities would begin in earnest. There was to be activities and games for children during the day and a band & campfire for the evening. The event for 2019 has been postponed til 2020, be sure to save the Airshow weekend in August 2020 for the Surrey Beavers First Annual Kick Off BBQ & Campout. In order to keep the club cost to minimum guests are encouraged and welcome to bring your own food and beverages, though the clubhouse would be fully open with club supplied beverages available at the usual terms. The club grill would be available for everyone's use. The following morning, the survivors can start their day with a hearty pancake breakfast which may or may not include a "hair of the dog" beverage to jump start your day, individual personal choice of course. I hope this sounds like an activity many of you will be interested in enough to attend, even if you all don't end up staying overnight. I think it could be a really fun time. Keep it in mind, more information to come.

The Executive and the Coaching staff are excited for another fantastic upcoming season and eager to get going. It's like Rugby Eve. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting back to what we love to do. See you all August 13. Cheers!

Byron Ramsay 
Just trying to capture the spirit of the thing...

Home Field Address

Sullivan Heights Park
144th Street & 64th Avenue
beside the Sullivan Heights Secondary

Practice Field

Cloverdale Athletic Park
64th Avenue & 168th Street
Surrey BC Canada

Clubhouse Location

The Beaverlodge
17395 57th Avenue,
Surrey BC Canada