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SBAA 2nd Division Men vs SFU RFC – Loss 19-18

As with most Second Division games involving Surrey, someone was going to score points early, who would it be? Well, we didn't have to wait long for the answer as early pressure from the Beavers forced the Clansmen into bringing the referee into the game by committing a foul. Nate Hutchinson would nail the three pointer and Surrey would draw first blood. 3-0 for Surrey.

The match settled into a back and forth affair without much being accomplished. Then out of the blue, so to speak, Robbie Sisson broke off a scoring run and widened the gap with the Beavers first try. The convert was unsuccessful, but Surrey had the magic number 8-point lead at 8-0. It appeared now that the Beavers went into a mental hibernation during the ensuing play when they would turn over the ball and SFU would take advantage of some lazy rugby and reply to the Surrey try with one of their own. The Clansmen made their convert, the score stood at 8-7 for the Beavers, illustrating perfectly why 8 points is the magic number when it comes to rugby leads. Matt "Baby Hass" Eckert showed why he rated last season’s Rookie of the Year, with a nice carry that included his exciting spinnerama move. The next move in this chess match would go to Surrey as they broke off a couple of rambles and Mack Allinson had the big break away at the end and scored a try. The convert was left wanting and the score was left at 13-7 for the Beavers when halftime finally blew.

The start of the second half was very pedestrian until a Clansmen winger broke down the sideline being careful to stay in bounds while absorbing or shedding four would be tacklers for a SFU reply to the Beaver try, which brought us back to a one point lead at 13-12 for Surrey the convert would be missed. It was several minutes later but the Clansmen would have another reply in mind. Some confusion in the Beaver ranks on offence and two panicked decisions found Surrey being counterattacked and scored on from 60 meters. This gave us the first lead change of the game and when the convert parted the sticks the score would be 19-13 for SFU with time running down. The preceding events didn't deflate the Seconds as they worked their way back down the pitch when Brandon Craig broke a 30-meter gainer and rucked within sniffing distance of the in-goal area. The support was on the spot and the Clansmen were in dismay when new transfer Brad Gordon scored his first Beaver try bringing the tally to 19-18 for SFU with the convert pending with the game on the line. The kick itself was on a difficult angle that necessitated a longer line that fell short left. The last two or three minutes were played with no consequence and full time found the 19-18 loss painful for players and coaches alike.

SBAA 1st Division Men v United RC -Win 15-47

The Firsts hosted United and hoped not to be too gracious on this day. Back on September 21st, Surrey took advantage of United's hospitality as they became the slumpbuster giving the Beavs a compelling 45-24 first victory of the season.

Once action was reestablished between the sides, the form from the last game took hold, when Surrey would score a try early. Riley Johnson would scoop up a sloppy ball by the United backs and ran it 45 meters for the major. The Brandon "The Cat" Gatto effort on the convert was right and the kick was good. 7-0 for Surrey with the track meet started. The Beavers came knocking again when Paul Kelly made a break from a wide ball off a second phase ruck. Giuseppe Lagrutta followed up in support and was there to benefit from a pass and score the try. The convert was not to be, 12-0 for Surrey. As play progressed every time the whistle blew there were United players on the deck, requiring attention. The Beavs had the bulk of ball possession, when James Bailey broke the line with a slashing run and found Riley Johnson with a well-timed pass, and Riley finished the play by grounding the try. The convert by Brandon Gatto was converted. 19-0 for Surrey. Just when it seemed the Beavers were about to completely run away with the game, United would quick tap a penalty in Surrey territory and catch the Beavers sleeping for their opening try. The convert was shy, but the point was made that this United team wasn't going to lay down. It was 19-5 for Surrey at halftime.

In the second half it didn't take the home team too long to avenge the try given up late in the first half. The Beavers used a scrum to set up their offence and rucked five phases until Matt Bose rambled the ball over the try line. Brandon Gatto's convert was solidly made. 26-5 for Surrey. United took up a brief residency in Beaver territory and applied pressure. The ball was sent wide eventually and found an overlap that they had set up earlier, and their second try was scored. The United convert was missed, and Surrey's lead would be cut to 26-10. The Beavers would push play back and forth and worked the ball up field, when they would turn over possession. Giuseppe Lagrutta would rip a ball loose from a United maul and advanced a run breaking out of that maul. He found Riley Johnson with a pass after having run out of gas. Riley did what Riley had done twice previously, but this time it resulted in his hat trick try. The Brandon Gatto convert was good, and the gap got bigger. 33-10 for Surrey, who were really beginning to open up dominant play. The chatter from the United side was to keep their heads up and keep playing hard. The Beavs moved forward and though dominant, United managed spots of good play. A knock on gave United a scrum on their 18 meters from goal. Eighth man John Eadie picked from the base off a dominant Beaver scrum and appeared to have stunned the visitors as he scored a try untouched by opposition from a stolen scrum. Brandon Gatto's convert was stroked down the center of the uprights. 40-10 for Surrey. That last try seemed to take something out of United. The Beavers kept coming and were able to distribute the ball wide and find James Bailey, who had a fantastic game with and without the ball in hand. JB used his pace and cutting ability to score yet another Surrey try, that Gatto would convert. 47-10 for the Beavs. I don't know if the Firsts were in mental victory formation on the resumption of play. United would maintain ball retention in the forwards and ruck a series of phases, which kept moving the Beavers back repeatedly, until the Surrey defense gave up a third try against. The United convert went as the rest had, missing. The final whistle saw the score end up at 47-15 for Surrey in the full credit win.

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Now, all 3 clubs (SFU, United, and Surrey), could stop fighting each other and join forces to fight cancer at the clubhouse gala event. The specially made and individually sponsored pink First Division jerseys were auctioned off publicly with other silent auction lots being sold off also. Early estimates have the Surrey Beavers raising another $15,000 this, the eighth year, and bringing the grand total to $127,000 combined. I am so proud to belong to this club. FUCK CANCER!

Byron Ramsay
Just trying to capture the spirit of the thing.......

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